Some funny contributions in this guest section ! Enjoy !

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The first entry on this guest section of my site has been sent in for your edification by a certain Mr. Paul Hawkins of Texas, who, in the attached link, recounts certain events surrounding the presentation to me of the prestigious "Classy Award" for services above and beyond the call of rock and roll duty >> The Classy Award

I hope that this is just the first of many contributions from you, dear


July 2004 Hi Annie and whoever picks up John's e-mail, here is a concise piece retracing John Helliwell's hairstyles through the years >> Hairliwell

Hope you enjoy reading it, and that you're not easily offended!...
Muriel, Tim, Nathan & Dorian Pike


Sept 2004 I've exhausted my work chronicling "lost" albums by Supertramp members >> The Lost albums

In looking over these albums I start to wonder whether they were truly > "lost" or whether they were intentionally hidden. In any case I thought I'd make the results of my research available to you. All the best, Paul


Tune in, turn on, and drop out with this month’s special guest, John Helliwell:

Interviewed for the program "Weighty Thoughts," a forum of serious sociological discussion followed by literally dozens of ardent listeners across the shortwave spectrum, saxophonist extraordinaire John Helliwell shares his views on that most turbulent of decades, the 1960's >> Click here to read...