Phil Ammar wrote on 25 Jul. 2019 - 00:56
Greetings from southern California. Thank you for all the great music. :)

Michael S wrote on 21 Oct. 2018 - 01:44
Time for Supertramp to do a tour of the U.S.A. Get Roger Hodgson onboard too! Haven't seen you since U.S. tour '82.

Gustau wrote on 25 Jun. 2018 - 09:24
Did you stay in the 81 or 82 with a trumpet in Seville alone in holidays?

Marcelo Lameirao wrote on 6 May. 2018 - 22:56
Years ago I sent you a message telling my story with my wife, which involved Supertramp, the song "My Kind of Lady", and of course its magnificent solo. Could you send me another one? I love your supertramp solos. thank

Humberto Atilio Bertolini wrote on 25 Mar. 2018 - 01:53
We brazilians are huge fans of your Supertramp Work. I love to hear your solos. Also the solo you made to Fagner brazilian singer! Thanks and G-d bless you!

Sergio wrote on 23 Feb. 2018 - 06:19
Hello, sorry for my English. I would like to thank you for your extensive GREAT work concerning Supertramp and your posterior performances.. I was 10 years old when ENJOYING so much Breakfast in America...Best regards

Bill Kelly wrote on 16 Feb. 2018 - 03:00
Happy Birthday John! I am listening to your Supertramp and The Alan Bown music today!

ettom porter wrote on 30 Jan. 2018 - 22:50
Hey....met you briefly in malibu in the 80s. I hung out with jolly who had your orange bmw for a bit.....just popped in to say hey....been listening to supertramp alot lately...seems to be a favorite memory for lots offolks.

jeff coffin wrote on 11 Jan. 2018 - 04:23 Website
hey john, just wanted to shout out and say thanks for the great music. ur certainly an early influence for me...glad i'm able to say hello here and happy new year!!! peace, jc

John Helliwell wrote on 1 Dec. 2017 - 19:25
Hi John, obviously I have the same name as you, although I'm from Edinburgh Scotland, my grand father was from Yorkshire England, we could be related,LOL, I am 75 yrs old

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