Rui Vilela wrote on 4 Apr. 2014 - 14:34
John, thank you for the sound you added to all era of Supertramp. Great sound, great music.

Rob wrote on 7 Mar. 2014 - 00:42 Website
great music ;)

David Whitlam wrote on 28 Feb. 2014 - 16:51
Looking forward to playing Black Horse Giggleswick on your piano again on 12th march. Doing Crime of the Century. Vinnie is filling the place! Welcome!

rob taylor wrote on 23 Feb. 2014 - 21:27
Hi John, just watching Supertramp Live in Paris on Sky Arts. What fantastic/classic music. I always find myself re visiting your music and feeling great -thank you!

Peter longley wrote on 19 Feb. 2014 - 19:03
Me again.memory I wish I had one?? It was crime of the century. Played on your piano ! Peter

Peter Longley wrote on 19 Feb. 2014 - 17:58
Memory's cris your good lady demo for Hoover @ coop slough took me to see you perform a bown @london pub. At your flat when super tramp came round heard breakfast in America played on your piano

Fulvio1966 wrote on 19 Feb. 2014 - 15:01
Ciao John, when the fans could read in the website NEWS and LIVE DATES???

Michael Fuller~Rock Artist wrote on 18 Feb. 2014 - 19:19 Website
Hello there John finally got Supertramp Live in Paris DVD not long ago Amazing stuff-too bad tey had no live stuff from Brother Bound tour-with madman Scotty Page and Your other band friends Send ya photos from Backstage and drawingsVerysoon-Cheers

Kevin Harrison wrote on 26 Jan. 2014 - 20:00
Hi John. I grew up in the 70's, 80's and 90's with the sound of you playing the Sax and wind instruments for Supertramp. I have always been inspired by your playing. Keep it up. KevinH

TheWhitlam wrote on 13 Jan. 2014 - 16:51
Hey John, I'm looking forward to doing my little piano/vocal gig at The Black Horse Giggleswick on Wednesday 15th. Thanks for the piano- any Supertramp songs I do will be purely coincidental :)))

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