- Last update: Jul 13 2018 -
Here is Alfato's Melani - 26/11/2016 -
Listen to the song i've recorded with spanish band "Asfalto" :

2016/2017 update - 15/11/2016 -
In December 2016 I will be touring with “Excalibur”, an exciting rock opera, in Germany.  This is written by Alan Simon and performed by a host of stars. All the concerts are to be found here:

I'll be performing with the Spanish group “Asfalto” in Madrid on February 4th, 2017 (I recently played on their recording “Melani”)

I’ll be playing with the Hungarian/German Leslie Mandoki’s band “Soul Mates" in Paris (March 1st, 2017), London (March 3rd) and Berlin (March 6th) > See teaser in Youtube

I will be saxophoning with Andy Scott’s "Group S” - formerly “Sax Assault” sometime in 2017.

And finally, I will be playing with my group “Crème Anglaise” at a jazz festival at “Zeffirellis” in Ambleside, Cumbria, UK in early September 2017

IWC watches - 25/05/2016 -
Just to report that now the whole Helliwell family is now sporting IWC watches!
They are the finest available in my humble opinion.
I'll get a photo up here as soon as I can figure out how to do it!

Paintings in minor Lila - 01/06/2013 -

I play on "Mood piece for John Anthony" - the tune was inspired by Supertramp's "Fool's Overture"...

The CD is very good and I recommend it!

Egbert Derix' solo album is available through his website: www.egbertderix.com. There are also contributions by Fish, Steve Hogarth (Marillion) , Iain Matthews and Leo Janssen (Metropole Orchestra) 

Brilliant 3 CD set "Charles Darwin" by XII Alfonso - 09/04/2012 -
John plays on many tracks of this eclectic progressive CD set, along with saxophonist Raphael Ravenscroft and many other illustrious guests

Db Infusion's new album - 01/01/2012 -
John is playing on the new album by the jazz rock band: Db Infusion : Muso and Proud, also featuring as very special guests : Hugh mcdowell from Elo on cello , Ex Yes guitarist  Pete Banks, guitarist John Etheridge (Soft Machine, Andy Summers), Ben Coleman  on violin (Dave gilmour , Dream Academy) , John Hackett on flute (Steve Hackett band) and many more...

Album is available at : www.db-infusion.co.uk or www.jazzcds.co.uk "Charles Dawin" 3CD set from the Claerhout brothers: